Designed To Help Your Business Succeed

Our office technology and the world of printing hardware, printer consumables, communication solutions and CCTV Surveillance, at ITA we deliver something new every day.

Sourcing and Purchasing

Sourcing and purchasing the correct printers and communication solutions can be time consuming and costly for your organisation. But as specialists ITA will make these tasks effortless.


The ITA is a progressive company whose understanding of each customer’s needs ensure that purchasing our products delivers significant cost savings and ongoing efficiencies with excellent service.

At ITA we don’t just sell the product, we understand how it works. We believe it is our responsibility to assist you with superior technical advice and cost effective logistical solution's for everything we sell.

  • Designed To Help Your Business Succeed
  • Sourcing and Purchasing
  • Service
Our Mission

Transpose your mind
to a fine service

Our team strives to deliver premium business solutions that work where our customers do. We go above and beyond the basics to help customers achieve success.

Our solutions

The team at ITA offers a wide range of services which will help your business reach its full potential.

Our approach is unrivaled and our capability is worldclass.

How we work

Steps to start our partnership

Its really simple to work with ITA. As a business owner, administrator, office manager, or purchaser you have many tasks that take up your day — many of them crucial to a smoothly operating business.



We conduct an initial assessment of your business needs and provide you with an in-principle response.

Prepare documents

We structure your business needs and comply a proposal for you inline with your budgets.

Finalise process

Once you are happy with our proposal we contact our technicians and they will come out and install your product selection.


Browse our products and request a quote or simple contact us for one of our sales consultants for a no obligation free consultation.

When time is money.

Contact us

For information or a consultation contact us.