IP Fax

IP Fax

Voice and Data Prepaid pioneers the third generation in fax solutions, introducing a revolution in fax transmission and reception.

Part of the focus of Voice and Data Prepaid is to provide our clients with efficient, cost effective fax solutions. We understand the unique challenges of the industry, and have a proven track record of successes achieved. Our Voice and Data Prepaid dedicated technical team ensures immediate on-site problem resolution.

Initially, the traditional faxing solution was one where faxes were sent from fax machine to fax machine. The second generation in fax solutions was where a fax number could be attached to an e-mail address, allowing faxes to be delivered as an e-mail attachment.

Why use IP FAX?

  • Archives all faxes for the period of five years if required.
  • The billing is based on pure per second billing, from the first second.
  • Range of solution options to meet client specific needs.
  • Proven to be the most cost effective fax solution on the market.
  • Inter-branch faxing is done at a rate of 28c per minute, billed per second, adding to additional cost savings potential.

Integrates and connects to any fax server platform, thereby leveraging your investment and, over time, can save you costs on additional licenses or channels for the fax server.