ITA can interface the Midas (Fidelio) system.

With many hotels making profits of more than R250 per room per day on guests’ telephone usage, the effective management of the system becomes vital. Hotels need a management system that provides control, reliability and adaptability.

The ability to respond to the needs of the hotel industry has made Midas the major supplier of hotel telephone management systems. With its state-of-the-art technology and its flexibility to be tailored to hotels of varying sizes, the system provides four key benefits:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Extended quality of service for hotel guests
  • Reduced telephone costs
  • Increased revenue

The latest generation of Midas Hotel Telephone Management products offers hotel owners and managers the means to resell telephone, fax and internet services to hotel guests at variable tariffs, maximizing profitability from guest telephone usage whilst maintaining important cost control of administration telephones and providing statistical information to improve operational efficiency.


Midas monitors and controls all PABX activity within a 24-hour period and all guest telephone usage is recorded by room extension and name. Call charges are recorded by meter pulsing or codebook algorithm with a full back-up system. With this level of control, the costs of calls can be reduced while customer-billing rates are maintained.

Midas interfaces with Property Management Systems and PABXs for automatic unbarring of room telephones when the guest checks in and subsequent barring when the guest checks out. Midas also passes guest information to the PABX so that service telephones and switchboards display the calling guest's details. Calls are posted directly onto the guest account at the relevant call tariffs. Interface failure alarms are directed to the system administrator by e-mail or SMS for immediate action.

Room status can be maintained on the System. Maids report on room preparation, mini-bar posting and notify any maintenance requirements by code dialing into the System from the room extension. Reports are then automatically passed to the maintenance department or posted to the Property Management System.

Guests can receive detailed bills with hotel staff able to interrogate the System for further information to resolve guest queries. Records for guests' telephone calls are retained on the System for a pre-determined time after their accounts are settled to deal with subsequent queries.

Management information & reports

Profit & Loss on telephone activities are analysed by comparing call costs with revenue from guests. Telkom and other carrier's billing can also be audited against this report to avoid any possibility of being inadvertently overcharged.

The Hotelier benefits from an unrivalled product that provides management information and statistics, such as traffic measurements and identification of 'busy periods' to allow them to plan staffing levels efficiently.

Midas monitors call frequency and operator response times of any or all extensions throughout the day. Managers can then check on levels of service being provided by each department. This facility can also help identify problems from abuse or nuisance calls.

The most frequently dialed external numbers can be identified and monitored. Call reports can be requested on pre-set numbers to review the cost of communicating with regular contracts such as group offices or key suppliers.

Individual departments can be tracked for performance against preset budgets and departments exceeding telephone budgeting can be quickly identified. The System is capable of tracking PIN or authorisation codes for accurate call charging to hotel staff accounts.

Comprehensive revenue and cost control reports can be directed to designated printers or sent by e-mail to the responsible managers.

Security, failsafes and support

Meter pulse detection on all trunk lines has an alarm feature. An automatic default to a codebook costing system provides protection against lost revenue. If meter pulsing fails the System will switch automatically to the codebook costing module.

Other alarm functions notify of trunk line failures, incorrect keyboard entry, or failure of the link from the PMS, PABX or network, so that such failures do not result in lost revenue. Even if the PMS link fails completely, the guests' call billing can be independently accessed when checking out.

Password protections control access to any sensitive Management information and selective or total call barring can be implemented on any room extension.

Midas voice messaging system

75% of all incoming calls to hotel guests fail to get hold of the guest first time and require a message to be taken. As a result, hotels need to provide a confidential, efficient and user friendly messaging system that can overcome the problems of international language barriers and time zones. The Midas Voice Messaging is such a System. Packed with operational features, it has the versatility to benefit any hotel, from small guest houses to the largest international hotels.

Midas Voice Messaging System has two software levels. Level One is Voice Wake Up, which has a capacity for up to ten recordable wake-up messages in each of the major languages, providing a more friendly and cosmopolitan contact from the Hotel to its guests.

The automated calls facility allows various options to be set, including the referral of unanswered wake up calls to a specified manned extension to ensure the guests are woken as requested.

Level Two offers the full facilities of Midas VMS. When the Operator dials the guest’s room, the call is automatically diverted, if there is no reply, to the Midas Voice Messaging System. Messages can then be left accurately, regardless of language barriers, and are automatically time and date flagged when recorded.

Hotel Operators can route incoming calls to a Voice Mailbox that will answer and prompt the incoming caller in their own language. Meanwhile the Hotel Operator remains free to deal with the next incoming call.

The Midas Voice Messaging System alerts guests of a message waiting in their Mailbox through a number of optional facilities: A warning light on their room telephone, a message on their room television screen, messages on hall porter VDU’s, on monitors that can be positioned throughout the Hotel’s public areas, or Midas can be programmed to periodically dial the guests extension. Any combination of these options can be selected to ensure guests always receive their messages promptly and conveniently. Guests can retrieve the contents of their Mailbox via their room extension or by calling in to the Hotel at any time and from any tone dial phone to listen to their recorded messages. A coded access option increases the confidentiality of the Mailbox and, if they wish, guests can record their own message prompts to personally greet incoming callers to their Mailbox.

Benefits from improved efficiency

Because the Midas Voice Messaging System has a direct interface with the PABX and Midas Telephone Management System, it can provide major benefits to the Hotel’s Management and Administration. Telephone operators can be significantly improved to the extent of reducing wage bills, and internal communications and administration can be made more cost effective.

The Midas Voice Messaging System can alert Hotel staff of important messages by phoning their pagers, mobile phones, home telephones or diverted extensions. It can improve inter-departmental communication and maintain confidentiality of Management correspondence by providing a secure ‘intray’ of messages and an ‘out-tray’ of voice memos that can be recorded, addressed and broadcast at convenient times.

The System provides valuable Management Reports on call analysis, incoming calls, storage availability, wake up call activity, detailed audits, extension activity, journal logs, System usage and line usage, to give the Management total control of their Messaging System.