Voice & Data offers a world class voice over IP (VoIP) service at cost-effective rates. The primary drive behind the Voice & Data VoIP service is to provide our clients with substantial savings on their voice and data communication costs. The quality of our clients’ calls is non-negotiable, combined with the best possible service at all times.

Voice & Data has implemented proven carrier-grade network equipment and billing systems to ensure the highest quality of service. The use of multiple redundant links and interconnects ensures that your call will always reach it’s destination.

Voice & Data was awarded an IECN licence and IECNS licence during 2009 and decided to use the MTN Business data platform, with it’s superior quality and robust network.

Voice & Data has a regional number range, offering this across the Voice & Data installed base as well as allowing for incoming calls to be terminated on the Voice & Data network.

  • Carrier grade network
  • Competitive call rates
  • Free on-net calls
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Online bill analysis

Voice & Data makes use of the MTN nationwide fibre network. MTN have co-located transit links, ensuring that traffic is directly sent to the MTN network before the data is traffic-shaped or before contention is applied to the sharing of this data.

As a result, a higher quality data experience is achieved with an improved voice quality across this network. Together with MTN Business, all local, national and international links ensure that the Voice & Data network is performing at an optimum quality at all times.

The ADSL and Fibre network performs on layer 1 on the MTN Business MPLS network. At this layer, voice can be prioritised and a significant difference can be achieved in voice quality over traditional IP networks and wireless devices.

Call Destination Rate (Per Minute) Rate (Per Second)
Local R 0.29 R 0.0048
National R 0.29 R 0.0048
Vodacom R 0.79 R 0.0131
MTN R 0.79 R 0.0131
Cell C R 0.89 R 0.0148
8ta R 0.89 R 0.0148

All call rates are billed at true per second billing

  • Package options are based on a 24 month contract period, including a static IP address and last mile monitoring.
  • Data usage used in excess of the Managed Voice package is billable.

Voice & Data enables clients to join it’s network without the capital outlay for the wireless equipment by opting for the “Wireless Link Rental” on a 24 month contract.

Voice & Data offers a full connectivity solution for clients on both outgoing and incoming calls.

Voice & Data offers clients the option of porting numbers onto the Voice & Data network.

Voice & Data offers free voice recording on it’s network. Terms and conditions apply.

Diginet National + is an access technology for VoIP that provides a cost-effective solution for clients through a symmetrical point-to-point link directly to the Voice & Data Network.

Voice remains the primary service and is prioritised.

This service is available in Diginet network areas.

  • This is a reliable, efficient “best effort” service.
  • 1:1 contention ratio for voice only packages.
  • 1:10 contention ratio for voice and data packages.
  • Connection delivered via X21.
  • A period of 4 weeks should be allowed for installation.
  • There is no installation charge.
  • Should the service need to be moved in the same exchange area, an installation fee is payable.

For more info please visit: www.voiceanddata.co.za