ITA can interface the Midas (Fidelio) system.

ITA offers a full and detailed customer site analysis that covers all aspects of the client’s connectivity requirements.

1. Connectivity

Technicians visit the site to perform a detailed survey of all aspects of a client’s trunk line services and check what goes into PABX connectivity – Telkom, Neotel or Cellular – to ensure that the connectivity is compatible with the relevant PABX as well as the feature set on the PABX.

Next step is the identification of cost patterns on the PABX usage environment and calling patterns. Based on this ITA make recommendations to clients on various connectivity solutions that best match the calling and cost pattern. This includes Least Cost Routing – GSM and International Services – and Voice over Data Services – Inter-branch and International.

2. Internal Telephony Infrastructure

Next is a comprehensive features set analysis, to make sure that the PABX features work in conjunction with PABX connectivity solutions. ITA undergo a detailed analysis of user requirements in order to determine the best technology to be used to ensure maximum efficiency:

  1. Automatic Call Distribution, Hunt Groups, Pickup Groups.
  2. Voice Mail Services
  3. Universal Messaging Services – Voicemail, Fax to Email
  4. Telephone Management Services
  5. Analogue, Digital, IP or Wireless IP Handsets
  6. Wired or Wireless Infrastructure

3. Call Centre Services

ITA provides a survey of all aspects of a client’s Call Centre requirements:

  1. Inbound/Outbound Call Centre services
  2. Voice Logging Services
  3. Computer Telephony Integration
  4. Predictive Dialers
  5. Battery Backup – Power Redundancy requirements

4. Manageability

Finally, ITA ensure that the selected connectivity and feature set of PABX are correctly managed by a remote maintenance and support. Offering reliable connectivity products reduces the number of callouts to the customer site and therefore reduces the total cost ownership to the customer over a five-year period.