ITA makes the use of advanced Samsung equipment accessible to customers with comprehensive Corporate Rental Solutions as well as Insurance Solutions.

Corporate Rental Solutions

ITA offers the best rental rates in the market, meaning customers can immediately obtain new equipment without having to lay out any capital. ITA finances the following equipment: Computing Equipment, Office Automation Security Systems, CCTV and Access Controls.

The core principal of rental is that it is the use of equipment, and not the ownership of the equipment, that produces benefits. The customer obtains immediate access to the equipment together with the facility to spread the cost over an agreed period of time.


  • Lowest rates.
  • In most cases, no deposit is required.
  • All the payments are tax deductible or tax efficient.
  • Customers could acquire ownership upon completion of the contract.
  • The rental option enables the customer to pay for the asset while it earns income.
  • Cash flow.
  • Rentals cut red tape, because they are financed from the operating budget and do not require the prolonged approval process that capital items do.
  • Rentals prevent the obsolescence of technology as the rented equipment can be updated before the rental term has expired.

Tailored Rental agreements:

ITA provides a survey of all aspects of a client’s Call Centre requirements:

  • Straight Rental: No escalation or increases on rental except for prime increases.
  • Escalating Rental: The lower the initial rental, the higher the escalation. This could be useful initially from a cash-flow point of view.
  • De-escalating Rental: Rental is initially higher and de-escalates to a lower rental amount; the settlement at the end of the rental period will be a lesser amount.
  • Step Rental: Whatever the client can afford to pay as per their budget, with increases as soon as a new budget is applicable. Can be escalating or non-escalating.
  • Skip Payments: If a client experiences difficulties over certain periods i.e. school holidays, those payments can be skipped and the rental can be calculated so that they only pay for the months they really use the machine/s.
  • “Free” Rentals: Free rentals can be built into the deal (subject to approval). In November for instance, the client can be offered a three month rental where payment will only be due in February.
  • Quarterly/ Annual payments: Quarterly and annual payments can be arranged in advance.

Insurance Solutions

For peace of mind, ITA offers customers excellent insurance options on equipment.