Samsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. It offers powerful and flexible call handling options previously only available on larger and more expensive systems and is designed to boost customer service levels, lower call abandonment rates and increase staff productivity and accountability

Key features

  • Single point intuitive web-based administration
  • Simple agent toolbar with performance indicators
  • Multiple queues, each uniquely configurable
  • Queue prioritisation and skill based routing
  • Customisable completion codes and agent break reasons
  • Real time monitoring, call tracking and historical reporting
  • Soft wallboard and text messaging facility
  • Remote agent support
  • On demand voice recording for legal or training purposes
  • Text to speech capability (Ability to speak a line of text to callers)

Intelligent routing

ACD Supervisor uses the latest web technology to administer all aspects of your call centre. The easy to use interface makes setting up and managing call routing, queue settings, agent assignments and other system parameters a simple click of the mouse.

Anywhere administration

Finally, ITA ensure that the selected connectivity and feature set of PABX are correctly managed by a remote maintenance and support. Offering reliable connectivity products reduces the number of callouts to the customer site and therefore reduces the total cost ownership to the customer over a five-year period.

Live feedback

Whether you are the manager, team leader or agent, our dedicated wallboard, live web monitoring systems and personal agent performance indicators will constantly keep you up to date with real time call centre activity that is important to you.

Scaleable modular solution

Allows you to choose components that match your operational and budgetary requirements, plus the flexibility to add more modules with additional functionality as and when needed.

Call Recording

For security or quality control purposes, all calls taken via Agents can be recorded on demand and stored for retrieval and playback at a later date.

Disaster Recovery Process

ITA sells existing call centre seats in a dormant call centre. If problems arise with a call centre, then one can move temporarily to the other one and continue working without any downtime or loss of income to clients.