Enjoy seamless connection and mobility anywhere, anytime with Samsung Wireless Enterprise Solution.

The benefits of mobility and stability provided by advanced mobile devices are driving businesses to turn to wireless environments.

Create an efficient work environment where information can be easily and securely shared anytime, anywhere – with Samsung WLAN for Wireless Enterprise.

WLAN Manager

Intuitive and Convenient Management System

The Wireless Enterprise WLAN Manager has an intuitive user interface and wired and wireless integrated management that enables users to get the best network capabilities out of their products.

The Wireless Enterprise WLAN Manager (WEM) monitors access points (APs) and access point controllers (APCs), ensuring that users get the best network capabilities out of their products. It also tracks the status of the wireless environment, granting operators fast and reliable WLAN access. The WEM helps to manage the wireless network efficiently without any problems relating to the configuration and troubleshooting of the AP or AP controller. Furthermore, the WEM provides operational convenience that enables the monitoring of service disruptions and resolves the problems whatever the circumstances.

WLAN Controller

High in Performance and Low on Cost

This high-performance centralised WLAN controller offers a fast and reliable network. Highly scalable, with a powerful platform, it provides optimal connections for your PCs and smart devices.

The WEC8500 is a high-performance WLAN controller that is specifically designed for mission-critical wireless networking in mid-sized to large enterprises. This high-performing controller is able to simultaneously manage up to 500 access points and operates at 20Gbps, offering a fast and reliable network. In addition, the WEC8500 represents a cost-effective network solution for businesses, with features such as L3 routing, firewalls, 10G interfaces as well as system redundancy to enhance security and minimize downtime. With integrated handover and automatic cell optimazation applying LTE technology, the controller provides optimal wireless connections for both notebook PCs and smartphones.

Access Point

Reach Beyond the Limits of Existing Wireless

The Samsung WEA300 series is a powerful access point for wireless enterprise. It guarantees and ensures improvement of service coverage while providing dedicated security monitoring module.

The WEA300 Series is a small but powerful access point (AP) for Wireless Enterprise. Reaching well beyond the limits of existing wireless networks, our Wireless Enterprise systems, along with our antenna technology, improve the AP coverage. As this technology also ensures airtime fairness, it provides equivalent service to anyone. The WEA300 Series automatically optimizes RF cell configuration and size, adapting to the characteristics of the mobile device for wireless network in mixed data and voice environments.