1000 Watt Voltage Regulator - Automatic voltage regulation with surge protection

  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and AC surge suppression
  • Maintains regulated 220V nominal output over an input range of 200 to 270V
  • 2000 VA / 5 amp capacity
  • 8 IEC C13 outlets, 3 foot AC cord
  • LEDs display boost, cut and normal operation


2000VA Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) system protects sensitive electronics, computer accessories and home theater equipment from power-related damage and performance problems. Extends the useful life of connected equipment by providing optimum voltage conditions for enhanced efficiency and cooler internal operating temperatures. Reliable transformer-based voltage correction circuits maintain 220V nominal output during voltage fluctuations between 200 and 240V. Two levels of voltage stabilization offer targeted response for overvoltages and brownouts. Prevents equipment damage and power related performance problems for computer accessories, printers, home theater equipment, a/v components and other sensitive electronic devices. AC surge and EMI/RFI noise suppression. Supports loads up to 2000 VA, 5A/ 8 IEC C13 outlets. 3ft AC line cord. 3 diagnostic LEDs display boost, cut and normal operation.