A Headset for the mobile professional.

A superior call management system designed to be used with multiple devices delivers truly outstanding audio quality and compact design and size.

The Voyager Legend UC is compatible with your PC, Smartphone and Tablet. It features Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to mobilize and work efficiently.

Answering calls, checking the battery life and other commands have never been easier as using your own voice to do so. The Voice Command allows you to work smarter. This elegant piece is perfect for the mobile professional who takes his calls seriously and handles them efficiently in any circumstance.


  • Connectivity
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Charging case
  • Desktop stand
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Wind noise protection
  • Bluetooth USB mini-adapter
  • Music/Multi-media
  • Voice commands/alerts
  • Longer lasting battery
  • Comfortable & durable
  • MyHeadset updater