State-of-the-art IP Phone

Samsung IP phones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile with enhancing productivity and communication among employees and off-site colleagues while helping to reduce costs.

Integrated with PC, Samsung UC IP Phone Series provide perfect IP Telephony business environment with escalated multimedia UC Solutions such as presence, scheduler, UMS, and MCS. Especially SMT-i5200 series has significant competitive advantage in video solutions not to mention its award winning modern design. Take full advantage of IP telephony that will position your business for efficiency and success.

Greater Functionality

Samsung SIP Phones offer greater functionality including call handling directories, integration with a contact list and a hot deskingcapability that allows users to transfer their extension number and personal settings to any phone on the network.

Standard XML-based Additional Applications

XML web browser gives customers and system integrators the ability to integrate the handset with business applications, customize the display with corporate logos/colors; or display multimedia content from other sources such as weather forecasts, news feeds and stock reports.

Award-winning Design

Ergonomic design of Samsung SIP Phones won world-class design awards including iF Communications Design Award and Good Design Award. Every little parts of IP handsets are designed for user behavior according to Samsung's Design philosophy.

Robust Security

Both the 3100 and 5200 series handsets come with robust security features, SRTP(Secure Real Time Protocol) speech encryption and IP Address Security technology.

Simplified MAC (move, add and change) process with hot deskingenables ‘work-as-you-go’ environment setting.

Plug and Talk Simplicity

For customers using SIP Trunks to route calls at low cost over the internet, IP handsets that plug straight into the network/phone system are simpler to install than digital handsets that require a media gateway card in the PBX.


The i5243 IP telephone offers the most advanced feature set including supporting Unified Communications (Presence), Video and XML Open Standard Architecture via a full colour high definition LED screen.

The phone supports 14 programmable keys with embedded lamp indication which can be configured as either a one touch feature or as Busy Lamp Field (BLF) key indicating the status of nominated users, in or outside the building, with three status indications; Busy, Free or In Meeting. The SMT-i5243 supports the XML Open Interface allowing 3rd party applications to push through to the rich colour display of the phone. Surrounding the screen are 10 context buttons allowing users to interact with the award winning user interface or any bespoke XML software application. In addition, the phone potentially supports high definition video streaming directly into the screen.


The SMT-i5210 IP telephone supports the full feature set OfficeServ7000 and added UC (Unified Communication) integration in a modern stylish; ergonomic design.

This includes an LCD screen, 14 programmable keys and direct access to voice mail, call logs and system directory are just a few of the items accessible at the touch of a button giving you a clear window to your communications world. Flexible design allows the handset to be positioned at 30 degree and 60 degree on your desk or if required wall mounted with a separate bracket.


The i3105 IP telephone provides access to the key features of the OfficeServ 7000 underpinned by best in class IP technology. Offering a small desktop footprint and with the ability to wall mount, the i3105 is ideal for general office, industrial or retail solutions use through its ability to support either handset, full duplex hands free or headset use.

When integrated with desktop applications, the i3105 is effective in more demanding customer contact call centre environments. The i3105 presents an intuitive interactive context screen menu to the user providing one of the easiest user interfaces in the market. The i3105 also allows for seamless hot-desking enabling users to log in to any IP handset. This allocates the users personal details including extension number, direct dial and handset configuration to the desk in use at that time. The i3105 also features 5 BLF keys.


The Samsung i3100 series IP telephone is a simple but elegant design, ideally suited to users with general day to day telephone requirements. The i3100 is easy to use and is a perfect solution for almost anywhere in the work place from the production floor to the management offices, as well as in common areas such as hotel lobbies and reception areas.

Other environments where the i3100 is ideal includes classrooms, kitchen areas and retail check outs, in fact almost anywhere where general telephone use is required. The i3100 design provides a smaller footprint than the 5200 series phones making them well suited for use where space is at a premium. As an entry level phone, the i3100 phone provides a number of high value features such as full hands free capability and programmable soft keys, yet offers maximum cost-effectiveness for customers with budgets to manage.


The SMT-i5220 IP telephone supports the full feature set OfficeServ7000 and added UC (Unified Communication) integration in a modern stylish; ergonomic design. The i5220 can be wall or desk mounted and supports dual handset/headset use with dedicated headset & handset ports.

The phone supports 24 Soft programmable keys with embedded lamp indication. Soft keys can be configured as either a one touch feature (a lamp indicates whether the feature is active or not) or as Busy Lamp Field (BLF) key indicating the status of nominated users, in or outside the building, with three status indications Busy, Free or In Meeting. Users are prompted to the most relevant features to use as they conduct any call transaction through the phones intuitive context driven display making the i5220 one of the easiest phone to use in class.


The IP add-on module SMT-i5264 is compatible with Samsung IP phone SMT series, including: SMT-i5243, SMT-i5230, SMT-i5220, SMT-i5210 and SMT-i3105.

The IP add-on module SMT-i5264 provides 64 programble keys.

The IP add-on module SMT-i5264 is powered by PoE or external AC adapter (max 5.8W).

The design of the module features a two-position desk mount setup. The dimensions are:

  • High angle: 7.7"(H) x 5.4"(W) x 5.1"(D)
  • Low angle: 5.2"(H) x 5.4"(W) x 7.6"(D)