Samsung has partnered with Neotel, South Africa’s new telecommunications operator and first converged communications network operator.

Neotel’s mission is to provide the latest technology and world-class service at an affordable price and meet company’s telecoms requirements, reduce the cost of doing business and extend global technological advances.

Neotel tailors solutions to ensure the best possible communications package with short lead times, personalised service, quick installation and business transparency. Neotel’s network is based on a combination of next generation technologies, such as fibre, WiMAX, satellite, under sea connectivity and wireless Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). CDMA provides joint capacity for voice and data capabilities, with many users able to occupy the same time and frequency allocations. This technology has allowed Neotel to offer a fully converged service offering to small offices, home offices and medium-sized businesses. Together, Neotel and Samsung Networking are able to supply customers with turnkey solutions that provide flexibility, high levels of customisation and minimal downtimes. The benefit being a measurable cost saving.

The outstanding solutions include:

NeoFlex »

Neotel, in partnership with Samsung Networking, is on the verge of launching a brand new telecommunications offering. The new system is called NeoFlex Voice and it has been specifically developed to cater for the distinctive needs of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Let's face it, SMEs are the economic lifeblood of our country, and thus - a system which can enable them to do business more effectively - represents a big step forward. Of critical importance is the fact that NeoFlex Voice will translate into bottom line savings, whilst delivering superior voice quality - and all the while being backed up with very diligent service.

Another attractive aspect of this CDMA-based system (a cellular technology used extensively overseas) is that only minimal capital expenditure is required. The system is essentially wireless and can be rapidly connected at any point within Neotel's wide-ranging area of coverage. This translates into an important logistical benefit for SMEs: they will be able to expand or relocate their operations without having to worry about the time-consuming hassles of setting up new phone lines.

Also, because of the wireless dimension, such businesses will thankfully be pretty much immune to the perennial problems of cable theft and copper degradation. NeoFlex Voice connects easily to all new and most existing PBX systems. It's up-and-running quickly and is backed-up by really great service. Neotel's channel partner, Samsung Networking, will undertake to service and maintain the terminal equipment through a nationwide network of some 96 communication centres.

Importantly, Samsung will provide Service Level Agreements to NeoFlex customers, in the process ensuring that highly professional service is provided at all times.

In fact, Samsung guarantees a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours on all service-related problems!

NeoInternet »

The Ultimate Internet Solution

Internet is a critical part of business operations in the modern era and the reality is that regardless of the size entity, slow or limited access to the internet will affect the profitability and long term sustainability of your business.

Neotel has taken cognizance of the above dependence and has released the NeoInternet product suite into the South Africa market to further enhance your business by means of world class telecommunications. Neotel’s Internet Protocol (IP) superhighway forms part of the core of the Internet in South Africa by means of extensive peering relationships with the country’s major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Content Providers as well as Global Tier 1 Internet Points of Presence (POPs) in Johannesburg and Cape Town – no location is out of reach.

Neotel leverages the extensive footprint of Tata Communications’ Global IP network consisting of 225 Points of Presence (POPs) in 27 countries offering you access to global content with maximum uptime, reduced latency and improved throughput.

NeoInternet Specifications

Understanding the unique requirement of the South African market, Neotel has developed the following solutions:

  • International IP Transit - high quality international only internet service tailor-made for organizations that only require the ability to communicate internationally.
  • Local IP Transit - high quality local only internet service tailor-made for organizations that only require the ability to communicate with the South African domestic internet community.
  • Premium NeoInternet – IP port which can be used for any combination of local/international bandwidth which carries the highest priority across the Neotel internet backbone and will always delivery the best service possible at any point of time.
  • Burstable NeoInternet - cost effective solution designed for customers using the Internet for basic Internet based applications such as browsing, e-mail and who do not require a committed information rate internationally.
  • Standard NeoInternet - quality service providing local and international bandwidth in various combinations to suit each organization’s business requirements.

In fact, Samsung guarantees a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours on all service-related problems!

Features and Benefits

  • Shortest path international routing - All traffic is routed via the most efficient path thereby delivering the lowest latency possible which will empower sensitive applications to perform at their best.
  • Redundant network topology - High availability backbone running across multiple undersea cable systems to deliver maximum uptime (SAT3, SAFE, EASSY & SEACOM).
  • Usage Based Billing Available – “Pay as you go” options available using 95th percentile billing methodology whereby 5% traffic peaks are ignored.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) - SLA provided on uptime, packet loss & round trip time with penalties to ensure the peace of mind for all customers.
  • Global Reach - Powered by Tata’s global IP network ensures quality of service to 225 destinations throughout the world.
  • Single-point-of-contact for the entire WAN - Eliminates the burden and complexity of dealing with and managing multiple vendors.

NeoVoice »

The Ultimate Voice Solution

NeoVoice is ideally suited to meet your business voice needs by offering highly competitive rates, monthly savings and superior voice quality. Switching to NeoVoice is simple with Geographic Number Portability as you’ll be able to keep your existing number. This means you won’t have to lose out on any substantial investments you’ve made in terms of marketing material like business cards.

NeoVoice Specifications

NeoVoice addresses the requirements of your business by offering reliability, high quality, high availability, a Next Generation Network and competitive termination rates. The solution encompasses 2 tailor-made product offers to suit your individual requirements, PRI and SIP trunk. Through these trunk-based voice services, we allow for local, national, mobile and international calls so you can easily keep in touch with your client base, regardless of their location.

PRI - A 30 voice channel service that, by connecting to your telephony system, enables you to make and receive calls to and from any other phone within or outside South Africa.

SIP trunk - Connects an IP-based telephony system to the carrier network at a trunking level and does not permit the connectivity of single handset devices. An added benefit of NeoVoice is that it enables the channel count to be expanded as the need arises.

The Benefits of NeoVoice

Features Benefits
Cost Efficiency True per second billing from the 1st second. Calls are up to 35% cheaper. Reduced rates on international call traffic.
Reliability End-to-end solution on Neotel’s independent network. Guaranteed capacity.
Investment Protection Able to accommodate both your current and future telecoms infrastructure. GNP protects existing marketing investment.
Higher Producitvity/Profitability Improved Call Success Ratio (CSR). Improved Answer Seizure Rate (ASR). Higher call-back rate.
Cost Monitoring Itemised billing allows for easy monitoring of costs. Enhances cost recovery.

NeoVPN »

NeoVPN for a Robust, Cost-effective Network

NeoVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from Neotel that enables you to enjoy the security and control you’d expect from your own private network, while saving you money and affording you reputable end-to-end service guarantees.
Find out more about this cost-effective network solution now by contacting us on 0860 Neotel(636 835).

NeoVPN Specifications

NeoVPN assures you of a robust service - bringing you reliability, scalability and manageability. This fully managed outsourced network has the same policies enjoyed on a private network, but saves you time and money as there is no need to purchase equipment, operational costs or staff training required.

As an added benefit, you’re able to get monthly traffic reports and take advantage of this core network that enables advanced applications, improving overall business productivity. NeoVPN also allows for faster provisioning and ease of upgrading or network expansion – allowing it to grow with the needs of your business.

The Benefits of NeoVPN

Features Benefits
Fully Managed Outsourced Network with Same Policies and Security Enjoyed on a Private Network Scalability in line with your needs with 24x7 network management and support. No need for staff training or the hassle of designing, deploying and maintaining private WAN.
Differentiated Classes of Service Ensures your mission critical traffic receives the bandwidth it requires.
SLA Delivery Reputable end-to-end service guarantees aligned with a phased roll-out.
Detailed Reporting Allows you to see monthly reports on traffic profiles.
Scalability VPNs with faster provisioning allow for ease of upgrading or network expansion.
Affordability You save on costs through bandwidth optimisation and efficient utilisation.
Redundant Network Topology Highly reliable and available MPLS core network can be engineered to deliver specific levels of IP service.
Consolidation of Data, Voice and Video Services Potential single access circuit though a single connection enables advanced applications.
Supports a Variety of Access Technologies Powered by Juniper and Cisco, offering VP solutions from 64 k up to 1Gbit/s.
IP Address Manegement You get a private IP address which remains confidential while Optimal Network Address Translation allows you to access external destinations.
Security and Customer-defined Access Control Administrate which users can access certain portions of your network.
Supply Chain Automation Improves your ability to do business with branch offices, customers, suppliers and partners (intra and extra-nets).
Single Point of Contact for Entire Solution Eliminates the burden and complexity of dealing with and managing multiple vendors.

NeoLink »

NeoLink – For High-speed Voice and Data Transfers

NeoLink enables safe and secure point-to-point or multi-point high-speed data transfers and voice applications via dedicated bandwidth. Find out more about this solution by contacting us on 0860 Neotel(636 835).

NeoLink Specifications

This solution relies on dedicated bandwidth which assures you of privacy and security when transferring sensitive information. NeoLink also enables integrated applicationslike voice and data.

Ideally suited to large enterprises, ISPs and Value Added Network Services (VANs), wholesale customers as well as public operators – NeoLink enables transmission speeds of 2, 34, 45 and 155Mbps for TDM with higher speeds available on request. Ethernet is available from 2Mbps- 1000Gbps in increments of 2 Mbps.

The Benefits of NeoLink

Features Benefits
Security and Reliability Private and secure point-to-point connectivity. High reliability and quality links, essential for mission-critical paths.
Flexibility The network has been designed to grow with your business needs.
Robustness Stable network enables you to deliver services to your end users.
Rapid Deployment Gets you up and running quickly and effectively.
SLA Delivery Reputable end-to-end service guarantees.
Scalability Allows for ease of upgrading and network expansion.
Affordability The cost-effective solutions give you value for money, helping you save on operational costs.